MHCF Founder

Rock Mangus
Founder &
Executive Director
21 Year
Cancer Survivor

Mission of Hope Cancer Fund is a non profit organization, founded by Rock Mangus, a cancer survivor who while going through his ordeal (cancer treatment), became aware that there were many patients that had special needs which weren't being met.

The Mission of Hope Cancer Fund  helps alleviate the additional financial demands incurred by those individuals and the families who care for them during their time of cancer treatment and recovery.

Our philosophy is that an individual stricken with cancer should focus their time and energy on recovery. If not recovery, the full enjoyment of life as opposed the additional financial concerns that coincide with cancer treatment.

The purpose of the Mission of Hope Cancer Fund is to provide assistance with the purchase or rental of medical equipment, prescription costs, payment of insurance premiums, transportation costs to and from treatment, as well as housing costs for out of town treatment. We also provide assistance with additional medical costs.  In addition to this, Mission of Hope Cancer Fund assists cancer patients and their families in locating grief and emotional support groups. Mission of Hope Cancer Fund prides itself on the fact that we give direct financial assistance for those individuals requesting our help. WE GIVE NO MONEY TO RESEARCH. We are able to cut down on the red tape.  We minimize the time between initial requests for help and the time the client receives the actual assistance. Mission of Hope Cancer Fund has been able to provide assistance to some clients in as little time as 25 minutes.

We truly appreciate your support. Because of your generous support, we have been able to help many people in the State of Michigan.