About Us

Mission of Hope Cancer Fund is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, Founded by a cancer survivor in November 1994 (Now in our 19th year.)

Our primary purpose is to provide Direct Financial Assistance to cancer patients and their families. MHCF also provides educational information and emotional and grief support on cancer related issues.

Financial assistance is available to residents of the state of Michigan only.

MHCF is NOT associated with any other group charity.

MHCF High Points

MHCF strives to cut through red tape; we minimize the time between request for help and the time that the client receives our assistance.

We keep our donors in touch with the people their money goes to help by providing photos and information on some of our clients.  Also allowing our clients to see they are not alone.

In Brief

  • We directly help people you may know.
  • Quick response time with assistance.
  • As a donor you will see the faces of the people your dollars support.

Our Vision

To become a recognizable cancer charity, providing direct financial assistance to cancer patients.

Funds Raised

WILL be used to benefit individual cancer patients and their families.  WILL NOT be used for research.